April 1, 2012

Into the Blank Abyss

About 2 weeks ago I mentioned in a post (which one... I don't remember. And I'm too lazy to go back and look it up) that I am moving in a couple of months. No worries, it's just to the front of my parents' front yard. Specifically, to my dad's workshop/office. It's never been finished off, so it's pretty much a blank slate. If I am being completely honest (this is the Interwebz after all), I do not work well with blank slates. I am much more productive with being given something and then making it my own. But designing a kitchen that barely exists? Creating a living area when it's always been stuffed with old furniture and [bad] lamps from 1984? I don't know how to do that! I have an idea of what I want it to look like... but it's all in my head. This doesn't sit well with my Dad, since he and his main man Charlie will be the one's doing all of the work. I feel a little bit like a child with autism who can't express themselves with words. Not that this example is remotely accurate, but it's how I feel. 

So, here is your job. I have a collection of pins that I am using for "Pinspiration." I also have some photos of the blank slate aka "the white noise that keeps me awake at night." Help me come up with some ideas and solutions! Puhleeeeeeeease?

The actual space: 

To the left of the main entrance: the window on the left will be add-on bedroom.
Future closet-- to be closed off to the living room which is where the garage door is. Big closet... BIG closet.
The kitchen/dining room/whatever. The floors will stay grey but will be sealed. 

Awkward workbench that I'm not sure what to do with. TONS of storage, though! I'm thinking a tin siding design for the wall space with shelves for all of my milk glass pieces.

The living room: taken from the fridge. The heater will be gone :( but it gets really hot and I don't want burns all over my body since I tend to run into stationary objects.

I'm going for a white wash + industrial + vintage + weirdo style. I have some eclectic "crap" and it all somehow goes together, but I need to create a space where they all work together and don't look like a nutcase hoarder lives there. Even though we all know the real story.

My kitchen will be white, but only because my dad would literally birth a cow if I asked for a mint kitchen. 

I love a tin & wood combo. 

From Adore Vintage: Basically, I want her studio. The floors, the walls, the RADIATOR! And Lord help me with those windows! 

Help me come up with some ideas for color schemes and all that jazz! If you have any specific ideas that you want to throw out that might sound stalkerish in a comment, beam me an e-mail at thinktwicestyle@gmail.com



  1. Homegirlslice, I am SO jellz that you get this amazing blank slate to work with(HI CLOSET!), and also so excited to see it! ;) I will brainstorm for you!

  2. I would go with light colors on the walls to brighten the room. Then use white/light furniture and add pops of color by using pillows, chairs, some small furniture in fun colors. it's your place so you should totally beg daddy for a mint kitchen, he can always repaint it when you move out ;)
    I'm super jealous of your closet-to-be!

  3. I agree with the previous comment in choosing light colors to brighten the rooms and make them bigger. You found great ideas to inspire you! Just use them and adapt them by your needs. You have great space to work with! You have already decided on your style, so just stay with that, because the place is perfect for that style! Good luck!

  4. It's so exciting! I see by your inspirations that we share many similar likes. I def agree that you need a mint kitchen, after all mine is ocean blue! LOL