April 12, 2012

Hall Monitor

As Mom says, "Stop looking down! No one wants to see your two-tone hair!"

Breakdown: shirt- Levi's, pants- thrifted J. Crew, loafers- Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx, nappy hair c/o a crazy day

Today schools in LA started LEAP and iLEAP testing. Half of my students have already taken their tests (they take a version for moderate special ed) and the other half are taking their mild sped version in the morning. We have to get all of our April field trips out of the way before the 13th, so we had a field trip yesterday, today, and we also have one tomorrow. I got to go yesterday, but I am a hall monitor for the English hall for the rest of testing. Boooooo! Whatever, I ended up getting a ton of homework done and helped get everyone to lunch since we were off schedule. 

And when I say "helped", I mean ran all around the school furiously opening doors and yelling "LUUUUUNCH TIIIIIIIME". 750 kids in 45 minutes. We'll call it Renegade Lunch. Or Blisters on my Feet and Sweat Running Down my Brow. Pick your preference.


PS: Yes, these shoes are that awesome. Glitter + bows + loafers = happiness.

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