March 8, 2012

Where's My Kelso?

Breakdown: sweater- Gap (old), skirt- Noelie Harmon, belt- thrifted, sandals- TJ Maxx

I won't lie to you. I got tons of compliments on this skirt today (even from my students). First time wearing it, too! I instantly swooned over the chevron print and it brings out the Jackie in me. Now where's my Kelso?

It is finally warm enough to wear a sweater & bare legs! And about those bare legs... as soon as the sun decides to come out on a day that I can be friends with it, I will certainly work on my tan. But, until then, ghostly white it is!


PS: Did you notice that the sides and middle seams match perfectly on this skirt?! My MawMaw will be so proud.


  1. I love chevron anything so I'm a big fan of your skirt! I too am very pale and probably should get a spray tan before I scare people :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. love the skirt. the seams on striped/patterned things is very important to me too! after my brought it to my attention when i was much younger, i always look out for it!

  3. What a gorgeous skirt it is indeed! I LOVE the print and the colors! Very Jackie if I ever saw it!

  4. The skirt is perfect... the fit, print, and everything! You can teach all day long in heels you're my hero!