March 4, 2012


Breakdown: tee- Gap, cardigan- PacSun, skirt- vintage, flats- Antonio Melani, belt- thrifted, rings & bracelets- thrifted/gifted

For the last week, I've been in a poopy mood. Yeah, poopy! My body felt completely out of whack, the weather was gross, and my skin decided to rebel against normality. That's gone now, and, of course, the sun helped me out! With sun comes color in my book. I had something different on when I ate breakfast this morning, but by the time I left I changed into this. It's a blast of color and probably looks 15% tacky, but I do not even care. I may look like a Pre-K teacher, or a Little Tykes toy from the 70s, but I feel like frolicking in a field. 

The point is, sometimes you get in a funk and you can get out. But when you finally do get out of it, dress like a box of crayons and you may want to leap in the air and kiss chubby babies. Maybe.


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PPS: Tom, Katie, and Suri are in Baton Rouge for a movie so I am hoping that I just happen to run into them at, you know, the grocery store. I'll keep you posted. Who knows? Maybe Suri will let me play in her closet...


  1. I think that color is so much funner when the weather cooperates! I love all your colors here!

  2. I love your primaries!! Yeehaw and I'm lovin that sunshine!

  3. Primary colors make for an awesome outfit color palette! I feel like I'm always in a better mood if I wear color rather than black. :) And that would be awesome if you ran into the Cruise clan!

    The Tiny Heart