March 20, 2012

If Joan Wilder Wore Pink...

Breakdown: blouse- Levi's, skirt- thrifted, belt- Target, flats- Dillards, rings- vintage

I look a little like Double Bubble today, right? Does anyone remember that episode of Brotherly Love when the mom was bottom-of-a-chair gum for a Halloween party? Maybe I will save this outfit and wear it again. Complete with a chair attached to my head, of course.


PS: My whole outfit blends into my skin. Sun and warmth, stay for a while!


  1. I almost did a spit take reading that title. Also, you look like springtime. Adorable.

    1. I'm SO glad you got the reference! I was raised on Romancing the Stone & Crocodile Dundee. I can't help myself.

  2. The monochromatic pinks look so very pretty on you!

    The Tiny Heart