March 6, 2012

Green + Purple

Breakdown: tee & scarf- Gap, pants & sweater- TJ Maxx, flats- Dillard's

After a very long day of listening to the same folk tale 3 times, 65 12-year olds asking me questions constantly, and an odd amount of physical exhaustion, I'm going to start and end this post with this: colored jeans count as professional pants and that is awesome.



  1. Lover your jeans! You look beautiful

  2. I'm digging those purple pantalones. I also got asked by 3-year-olds today WHY I was wearing blue pants. At least the 12-year-olds probably don't ask you stupid questions like that hahaha.

  3. I totally agree! Great pants and scarf!

  4. So cute and inspiring. I especially love the scarf. Cute blog!!