March 24, 2012

Don't Feed the Designer with Ryan Auld

Fly buttons. Button-fly. Punny.

Lace & Leather *gasp*

c/o Tate Tullier
Last night I went down to Perkins Rowe for Ryan Auld's studio space opening with Scene Magazine! He is preparing for Mode Fashion Week in a month where he and a few of the other Project Runway season 9 designers will be showing in Baton Rouge! I was definitely that weirdo who walked in snapping a ton of photos while crouching on the ground likely showing my non-cute undies, but whatever. And I may or may not have stared at the fabric wall for a solid 5 minutes imagining what I would do with the fabric. I got to see Ryan and catch up a little bit! I also ran into an old band friend from middle school, who, come to find out, is producing MFW! So random! Anyway, I also saw AJ Buckley (from CSI: NY), and Lucy Raborn, who has become one of my favorite models. She's from Baton Rouge and is still in high school, so it was fun to talk about real-life vs. model-life and wigging out about a Tom & Suri sighting at Whole Foods. 


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