March 1, 2012

Boy Jeans, Suspenders, and Wanderers

Breakdown: oxford- Levi's, jeans- Levi's men, boots- Clarks, bow tie- MawMaw'd, hair beard c/o the wind

Today was "Tacky Day" at school and, as a matter of fact, I saw a ton of suspenders on the kids. And you know what? I almost wore my suspenders today too! That would have been so weird. I already get strange looks from other teachers in the halls who think I am a wandering student. 

About these jeans: last week when Mom and I celebrated the marvelous day we call Wednesday, I found these jeans at Levi's... in the mens section. Lately I have gone to that side of the store immediately because they have more variety and cool-factor. Of course, the sales guys look at my like I'm a unicorn and always question my reasoning for wanting mens jeans. I also get the whole assumption that I'm looking for jeans for a guy I know and when I let them know that they're for me, they either shrug or say, "Oooookkkaaayyyyy" Whatever. I like boys pants better.


PS: Did you see Elaine's post on adult acne yesterday? I've been going through the same thing, although not as severe, but the same emotions. It's very well-written and spot-on!


  1. The little bow is the perfect girly touch to this outfit! I always look in the guys's section too, mostly for sweaters.

  2. Lookin' good, girl. I am obsessed with le bow tie. Also, this post reminds me of that new show "I just want my pants back." ;)

  3. Too bad, you didn´t wear your suspenders. They would have been the perfect match!

  4. yeah, please post some with suspenders soon. are they the button on kind? would look great with jeans and a white tee!