February 8, 2012

Studded Dots

Breakdown: dress- Time Warp, belt- Limited Too (circa 1998), tights- Madewell, shoes- Naturalizer, rings- thrifted or gifted

I spent my morning sitting in traffic on my way to school. An 18-wheeler basically splattered on the Interstate, causing all traffic going both directions to take the back roads, which are the roads I take. A 2.5 hour drive that usually takes 20-25 minutes... yikes! It was a little insane, but at least everyone else was stuck in it, too!

On to the talk about this outfit...
I love my Pearl Harbor dress. I feel so good in it! I usually don't wear these shoes with anything because they are a funny heel length and are vintage specific, but they look perfect with this dress! I love a good mixture of old school elegance with a studded belt.



  1. I love your dress! And your blog is lovely :) Maybe we could follow each other? Love, Tina

  2. This outfit is so romantic! Perfect for Valentine's day :)




  3. Pretty lady. Why do we have to live across the country from each other? We all need to move to BFFville.