February 7, 2012

My Rich Lady Coat

Breakdown: shirt- thrifted, pants- Gap, coat- thrifted, flats- Jessica Simpson, belt- snagged from a vintage dress in my closet, rings- thrifted/gifted, shades- Target

I have a couple of funnies/ironies for you today:

As one of my students was on his way to recess this afternoon, he said, "Ms. Barnett, you got your rich lady coat on today! You know, wearin it on your shoulders. Only rich people don't use sleeves." Naturally, I had to smirk because I know that I spent $2 on this coat in the kids section at Goodwill. It makes me feel smart.

I counted 4 other teachers who unintentionally participated in Topknot Tuesday with me. I'm the only one who knows about Topknot Tuesday, but I feel like it was an unspoken thing we all agreed to do. Maybe I'm nuts!



  1. LOL that is the funniest story ever! I love your "rich lady coat" ;-)

  2. I love that belt; it makes the simple white shirt so chic. Kids say the weirdest things; my husband used to be a teacher and the stories he came home with were hilarious.

  3. Great story! I feautured you over on my blog yesterday! Have a great day!