February 26, 2012

High Fives and Booties

Breakdown: tee- Levi's, skirt- cousin'd, tights- no clue, belt- F21, boots- Clarks

Ladies and gentlemen, I practically stole these boots. I found them last week at Dillard's and they were thrice marked down to $21. I quickly tried them on as my mom started to check out and they were a perfect fit! I've been looking for some heeled light booties for a while but all I could find were wedges. I'm not a big wedge type of gal, so I hadn't settled on a pair. When I got to the register and the cashier rang them up, they were $12. TWELVE DOLLARS! For CLARKS boots! Needless to say, a happy dance was a must and many high fives occurred throughout the rest of the day. Aren't you proud of me?


February 14, 2012

Sweetheart Candy

Breakdown: shirt- Levi's, sweater- F21, cords- Gap, flats- Antonio Melani

Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear

Guys, I've been planning my Valentine's Day outfit for about a month. I remember my past teachers who dressed a little kooky for holidays or whatever and loving even the sweaters with addition and subtraction symbols on them. Weird, right? So I decided that I would be "that" teacher, but without the sweater vests. Looking like a box of Sweetheart chalk candies was the next best thing! 


PS: What was your favorite Sweetheart candy message to get when you were in school?

February 13, 2012

White Out

Breakdown: sweater- J. Crew outlet, jeans- Levi's, scarf- YarnPlusYarn, boots- no clue

I have no idea why I wore my white jeans, since I wore this to my cousin's Barbie birthday party. It involved lots of pink, balloons, and confetti cake. The confetti cake was my demise, as I apparently sat in on a blue sprinkle. My pants are soaking in Resolve as I type this and I am hoping they can be saved! 

On another, but similar, note, I love these jeans. They fit me better than any of my other ones and I always feel good in them. Do you have a pair of jeans that does that for you?


February 12, 2012

The Kooks

Breakdown: coat- thrifted, oxford- Gap, skirt- Time Warp Vintage, belt- from a 1960s dress, tights- Madewell, heels- Liz Claiborne

Dots, bows, leopard, & pleats make for the best feel-good outfit ever. Try it. Walk around in this many kooky things at once and see if you don't feel 100% fierce.


February 11, 2012

Hana Titanium Flat Iron: A Review

About a month ago, I was contacted by Misikko and asked to do a review of one of their latest products, the Hana Titanium flat iron! I was really excited about this because I have not bought a new flat iron in about... 4 years. Along with my excitement, I was also a little wary. I've experimented with the expensive flat iron products like Chi in the past and they never live up to the hype. To be frank, I am not a Chi promoter. They just don't work on my hair. I have a poofy texture, so no salon-quality flat iron has ever worked. Or, it has worked, but made my hair paper thin and oily. I'm one of those weirdos who likes a little frizz in my hair, so it's really important that my hair not be plastered to by scalp! 

When I walked outside and ran around the house trying to find which door the UPS guy left my package by, I was surprised to see a big box! The sweet people at Misikko sent lots of extra goodies along with the flat iron! 

After taking these photos, of course, I immediately plugged in the flat iron and tried it out. This particular model is 1.5", so it was an adjustment from my 4-year old 1". Once I got used to the extra iron space and maneuvering a larger tool than I was used to, I loved it! The packaging came with a heat settings guide, too! I have always been confused with the heat settings vs. hair texture/etc. stuff, so having that really helped. Plus, the cord is crazy long! I can walk to the other end of my bathroom and still be plugged in. Awesome!

                              Before                                                      After

Overall, after using the Hana for a few weeks (usually using it for curling, not flattening), I have adjusted to the extra length! I also love how smooth it makes my hair without taking any of the body (and my preferred slight frizz) out! I am really impressed with this product as a whole and am almost ready to toss my old rinky-dink flat iron in the trash. Not quite yet... I'll keep it tucked away for, you know, just in case.


February 9, 2012


Breakdown: tee- Gap, pants- Levi's, cardigan- Jason Wu for Target, belt- Dillards, flats- Antonio Melani via Dillards

Yes, I was one of those nut cases who was waiting outside of Target at 7:45 for Jason Wu. There were only about 15 of us, so the big city crowds weren't a problem. I strategized beforehand and, instead of starting at the front of the display, I started at the back. That means that I didn't get to try my size in one of the dresses that I wanted to, but I got my size is everything else I wanted. I snagged this dress, this tee, this skirt, and this other dress. I may have gone a little overboard...


PS: I feel like my middle-part hair looks way better in person than in photos. How can I solve this problem?

February 8, 2012

Studded Dots

Breakdown: dress- Time Warp, belt- Limited Too (circa 1998), tights- Madewell, shoes- Naturalizer, rings- thrifted or gifted

I spent my morning sitting in traffic on my way to school. An 18-wheeler basically splattered on the Interstate, causing all traffic going both directions to take the back roads, which are the roads I take. A 2.5 hour drive that usually takes 20-25 minutes... yikes! It was a little insane, but at least everyone else was stuck in it, too!

On to the talk about this outfit...
I love my Pearl Harbor dress. I feel so good in it! I usually don't wear these shoes with anything because they are a funny heel length and are vintage specific, but they look perfect with this dress! I love a good mixture of old school elegance with a studded belt.


February 7, 2012

My Rich Lady Coat

Breakdown: shirt- thrifted, pants- Gap, coat- thrifted, flats- Jessica Simpson, belt- snagged from a vintage dress in my closet, rings- thrifted/gifted, shades- Target

I have a couple of funnies/ironies for you today:

As one of my students was on his way to recess this afternoon, he said, "Ms. Barnett, you got your rich lady coat on today! You know, wearin it on your shoulders. Only rich people don't use sleeves." Naturally, I had to smirk because I know that I spent $2 on this coat in the kids section at Goodwill. It makes me feel smart.

I counted 4 other teachers who unintentionally participated in Topknot Tuesday with me. I'm the only one who knows about Topknot Tuesday, but I feel like it was an unspoken thing we all agreed to do. Maybe I'm nuts!


February 6, 2012

Fuzzy Blankets & Fun Commas

Breakdown: sweater- F21, dress (worn as skirt)- Urban Outfitters, flats- Jessica Simpson (seriously the best brand for affordable black flats), necklaces & rings- thrifted, squinty eyes- c/o the sun and low blood sugar

I got to school this morning only to discover that my mentor teacher was sick, but still at school. We figured out that she had food poisoning so I taught the whole day. During our off hour, she slept on a borrowed couch and cuddled with the hot pink glitter blanket I keep in my car while I read in the dark. So nice! 

I found out something new about myself today, too. I can make commas really really fun! Really! My students were bored at the beginning, but as soon as I started reading sentences aloud without the comma breaks, they cracked up at my rambling and (somehow) had fun. I always like it when I can sneak fun into something so completely boring! 


PS: This sweater last seen here.

February 2, 2012

For the Love of Maxis

Breakdown: tee- Gap, skirt- Dillards, belt- old old old Gap, flats- Seychelles, rings- thrifted/gifted

I love maxi skirts. And maxi dresses. I don't wear them enough! They can get a little tricky when getting in and out of cars or chairs, and the whole avoiding peas on the lunchroom floor thing. But other than that, I love them! When it gets warmer I may pull it up and turn it into a strapless dress. Versatile clothes are always the best, right?