January 14, 2012

Red Hat Society

Breakdown: sweater- Gap, jeans- TJ Maxx, shoes- Converse Lo's

Yeah yeah yeah... so maybe I look like I should be a member of the Red Hat Society, but I think I look more like Barney eating a tomato. Or a tomato eating Barney. Anyway, I wore this to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D with my friend, Kayla! They gave us the kid 3D glasses so we looked more ridiculous than usual. But it was so cool to see it in theaters! I hope they bring back more oldies. *crosses fingers*



  1. I'm still sad that I missed Lion King 3D. I'm considering Beauty & The Beast Disney's personal birthday gift to me! It's my favorite!

    I like your outfit, Red Hat Society & Barney-ness alike. :)

  2. I love the red and purple, your outfit is so cute! ooo I really want to see the Beauty and Beast movie in 3D :)

  3. Lauren and I went to see the only 2D showing yesterday morning (we aren't big fans of 3D). Also, I have that sweater. I FEEL SO STYLISH NOW!

    1. I don't like 3D either, but I didn't know there was a place in BR doing regular! Psh, it's the best sweater fa sho.