January 13, 2012

A Loss of Freedom & Capes

Breakdown: shirt- thrifted, cape- Gap (old), jeans- Lucky, boots- Clarks

Today marks one of my last days of freedom until May. I start student teaching on Tuesday and lose my free days :( All day, every day with my kids plus countless hours of lesson planning and other assignments. I am hesitant about starting but I know that it is just one day closer to being finished! I think that the hardest part of the coming semester will be figuring out what to wear every day. I can't wear jeans or sleeveless. Being comfortable, cute, but not too cute is going to be difficult on days when I am exhausted. Oh, & because I will have crazy days, blogging may take a back burner. Sad, but that will make me really excited when I do have time!


PS: I like capes. They make me feel like Belle!


  1. I love the cape on you! Cute outfit:)




  2. experiencing a bit of cape envy at the moment!...you rocked it :D New to your blog and love you personal style!