January 30, 2012

Berry Bad Blajectives

Breakdown: dress- Dillards, tights- TJ Maxx, boots- who knows, cowl- YarnPlusYarn, belt & rings- thrifted

For the last week, we've been working on adjectives in the super awesome 6th grade. To prove the point of adjectives being important and the use of synonyms, we made up a new word that I am hoping will catch on: bladjectives. Like "blahhhh" plus "adjectives". AKA yucky, uninteresting adjectives. Big, small, little, smelly, etc. So tell me, what adjectives, not bladjectives, would you use to describe this outfit?



  1. That's a blad ass outfit. LOL. I suck at grammar.

  2. Snazzeriffic. That's a word, right?

  3. im really liking this dress and these tights together.

  4. Awesome sauce, does that work? Maybe not, but I really like the print of the dress and the tights. I have been stalking a few floral prints online because they are so pretty.