October 31, 2011


shirt- Gap
skirt & jewelry- thrifted
flats- Jessica Simpson
belt- from a F21 dress
blonde(er) hair- c/o Marsha @ Paris Parker Perkins Rowe

Happy Halloween, y'all! As I was walking to my dance class on campus this afternoon I saw Gumby, a wizard, and the Green Hornet. In my class this morning we had a prisoner (because we are prisoners of the education program at school) and a "culturally diverse teacher" (because we have to be culturally diverse). Although, if you are the type of person who wants Halloween to be every day, just head on down to the Hammond, Louisiana Wal*Mart any day of the year. I'm sure you can get your fix.

So I forgot to mention this earlier, but Friday I got my hair colored & cut at Paris Parker at their Perkins Rowe location. I won a Twitter contest earlier that week for a free color from the lovely Marsha! My hair gets so sun-bleached during the summer and grows out darker, making me look like B. Spears... really not good. So this was SUCH treat! And since I am a poor lowly college student, easier on the pocketbook. Thanks, Marsha! 


PS: Is today National Leopard Day? I've seen lots of bloggers in it and it was everywhere on campus... crazy!

October 30, 2011

Work < Bum

dress & shoes- TJ Maxx (last seen here)
cardigan- F21
belt- old old old Gap 
jewelry- thrifted/gifted

The weather is finally seeming like it will stay cool for a while, so I get to dig in the back of my closet for cardigans and light jackets! YES!!!! My classes are cancelled for the second half of this week and I am SO excited to come home and be a bum. I should probably get ahead in school work... we'll see what happens.


PS: I like the back of this cardigan because the stitching makes it look a little witchy. Is that weird?

October 26, 2011

A Non-Fall Fall

dress- Time Warp
belt & rings- thrifted/gifted
flats- Seychelles via Last Call or Off 5th (one of those types of stores)

These photos may illude to a fall atmosphere in south Louisiana, but, rest assured, it was 82 degrees at the time of these photos. It's in the 50s in the morning and the 80s by lunch. How exactly am I supposed to dress for that? Better yet, how do you, experiencers of fall, dress for a real fall?


PS: I totally forgot to give a link to the post on Anthony Ryan Auld from this post! I wound up putting it on CF instead. And can I just say that I saw him Sunday and he LOVED it? Because he did! Read the article here

PPS: I won a Twitter content from Paris Parker for a free hair color! I'm going to get a cut too so, tell me... what should I go for? Get on Pinterest for me and help me decide, will ya?

October 23, 2011

I Dyed

dress- thrifted old table cloth (last seen in this post)
shoes- Carlos Santana via TJ Maxx

I wore this dress for the last night of NOLA Fashion Week! I tried to ombre it in the dye, but it just turned out slightly darker but not noticeable enough. I added some purple to my bottom tier of the dye so that's the most distinct part. Whatever, I love it anyway! And can I just tell you how many one-ups I got that night... goodness!


PS: In order to wash my hands or function properly as a human being, I have to flip my sleeves up. And it gives me bat wings!


Just a few extra photos from last week's festivities :)

w/ Sarah of Destrehan's Daughter
w/ Juley of Swank Heights

jacket- American Eagle (outlet)
blouse, skirt, purse, jewelry- thrifted


October 22, 2011

NOLAFW SS12 Part 3: Amanda de Leon and Jolie & Elizabeth

The last 2 shows for NOLA Fashion Week were Amanda de Leon and Jolie & Elizabeth. Amanda de Leon seemed to focus on the little details and intricate design. The feeling was very futuristic. Like Xenon Girl of the 21st Century meets Greek warrior goddess with a little Arabian nights thrown in. Below are some of the detail shots I got!

Must. have. this. vest.

I spy Juley :)

My first reaction to these sequined bloomers was, "Party in my pants" a la  Man Repeller.

Now for a few shots from the Jolie & Elizabeth show! To sum it up, it was very Alabama southern belle/debutante. 

This model was SO CUTE! I didn't even look at the clothes she was wearing because I couldn't stop looking at her! I want Brother to marry her and have pretty babies. (That's not weird, is it?)

This is out of focus, but I would wear this entire look in a heartbeat.
Complete with dirty old Chucks... happiness!

NOLAFW SS12 Part 2: Annie Griffin

The last 3 shows for NOLA Fashion Week were last night and the first show of the night, Annie Griffin, was PHENOMENAL! I was so impressed by the quality of the clothing. Being so close to the clothes, you can see every sewing mistake. These ladies had the mechanics down! From the styling of hair and makeup to the finishing stitches I was blown away. Every piece was wearable but still unique. I couldn't pick favorites, so I picked the shots with the best pictures. Let the photo overload begin!

Look at the background guy's face... ha!

I LOVE the color of this dress! If everything in my closet could be this cornflower blue...