February 27, 2011

I'm Anti-Red... aka White

Fact: This dress is beautiful.
Fact: This dress makes me feel super feminine.
Fact: This dress makes my butt (sorry, Mom) and hips look really good.

belt- Gap Kids
heels- Bandolino via TJ Maxx
rings- thrifted

I usually wear this dress with a red belt and red heels, but I wanted to mix it up a bit it with the brown. Plus, I now realize how much red I wear and am trying to lessen my red-wearing. Here's the thing: I don't even really like red. Yes, my car is red. Yes, my nails are red much of the time. Yes, my sorority's color is ruby. But, do I like red? Not especially. My skin has a serious red undertone. It's that Cherokee in me! (Yes, I'm Cherokee. You should see my Mom)

I guess I started buying red dresses and blouses when I joined AOII since we had so many events to attend where red was the attire. No more red dresses! Do you hear me, conscience? I also have a thing against pink. And orange. But I have been gravitating towards corals lately... strange.


February 25, 2011

Overall-Wearers Anonymous

Remember when I wore overalls last? Awesome. Because here I am, wearing overalls again. Only this time, they're gauze. And from the 70s. And embroidered.

overalls- Time Warp
denim shirt- Levi's
shoes- Bandolino
jewelry- all gifted or thrifted

Disclosure: I didn't wear these shoes except for these pictures. I wore a pair of teal t-strap wedges that I love love love but my feet were killing me by the time it was photo sesh time. I will suffer for fashion in most situations, but my feet scream really really loud. What? Your feet don't talk to you? Oh. Now this is awkward.

Anywho, about my day... Mom and I went to the Rotary Club of Baton Rouge's annual Trash & Treasure sale at, what BR natives call, "the old mall". Basically, a bunch of old ladies (love them) donate their old stuff and people like me (crazies) can go at the crack of dawn (I didn't) and dig through the donations. What did I get, you ask? A wedding gown from the 50s complete with a detachable train and insanely gorgeous lace bolero at a wopping $10! It wasn't in the vintage section... whoever categorized things had no idea what they had. 2 suitcases, one of which is from the 1920s/1930s. I also scored some clothes to keep for myself and some things to sell on Etsy. Basically, $118 spent on TONS of great great great stuff! I'm going back on Sunday when everything that's left is half off to check on some things I left. Hopefully they will still be there then! 

On another note, last night I went to a fashion show in downtown BR (more on that to come in the next few days) and the girl below, Caroline, caught my eye the instant she walked in the door! If you didn't already know, I am obsessed with red heads. Like, my children have to have red hair. God, can you hear me? The show had a vintage theme and besides my own outfit, this girl had the most vintage-inspired attire. Not only was her hair ama-zuh-zing, but her dress was this crazy print! And her red lips... to die for! I was obsessed.


PS: I experienced my first non-friend, non-family, non-family friend, completely random "HEY I LOVE YOUR BLOG YOU'RE AWESOME" last night. AHHHH!!! Needless to say, I felt cool. My heart is still smiling 24 hours later.

February 21, 2011

I Would Rather... Oh Wait, I Did!

Remember THIS post from a couple of weeks ago about what I would rather be wearing? Good. Because I actually got the chance to wear it! Disclosure: I just put this outfit on for pictures because these shoes are un.com.for.ta.ble. and super duper heavy! Besides, the wedge broke as I was walking back inside. Whoopsies!

Does my body look broken in the above picture, or is it just me?

tank- no clue
shorts- Old Navy Kids (circa 2002)
belt- Limited Too (circa 2000)
braclets- random
shoes- The Purple Cow (thrifted)

Prepare yourself... the below picture makes me look like Taylor Swift when she's dancing on stage.


February 20, 2011

Ruffles, Motorcyles, and Bow Ties

First of all, may I apologize for completely blinding you with my white knees? Second of all, I vow to not bring out my white knees until they are less white. But just so you know, my eyes were crossed while I typed that. So it doesn't count. And if you're wondering how I typed that sentence with my eyes crossed, I'm a magician.

oxford- Levi's
skirt- Target ($7!!!)
boots- Dillard's on sale at 70% off (YEAH YEAH YEAH)
bow tie- thrifted

I wore my black bow tie here and it's been missing me. I wanted to wear it last week, but, as usual, I had that whole it's-at-home-which-is-not-at-my-apartment thing going on. So that meant that I had to wear it today since I was at home! Now it will reside at my apartment until I pick a day to wear it when I teach to freak out my kids. On that note, I start teaching this week (like... Tuesday) so posts may be scarce. I hope not, but it is a possibility! It all depends on how exhausted I am, if a photo sesh is in the cards, and how desperate I am to get the junior high smell off of me.

Today's outfit reflects how I felt this morning when I got dressed. A little ruffled, a little military, a little hardcore (the boots), but with a touch of formal. Am I nuts? Maybe. But would you call the Biker Church in town crazy? No! (For realz, there is a biker church in my town. Pictures to come, scout's honor!)

The below picture is what happens when Mom tells me to "do something brutal". Apparently, my abilities in brutality are at a record low.


February 18, 2011

Crocheted Flowers

crochet top- Mawmaw'd
skirt- made from an old dress
shoes- Urban Outfitters
belt- Gap, old old old
jewelry- thrifted

Fridays are the start of my weekends now since my school went to a 4-day week. That means that now I have 2 full free days to do whatever I want (Sundays are not my free days)! Today I chose to go to Dillards, shoe shop, stop by the Clinique counter, and hit up Target for random things. In our Target buggy was: paper towels, nail polish, tuna steaks, drugs, and HUGE hedge trimmers. Like I said, random things.

Last night I had to explain this blog to a guy at church. He was thoroughly confused. I quote, "So I saw on Facebook the other day that you posted this thing about you going to the library and you took pictures and then you were talking about clothes. What is that?" Haha! Yep. That's mah blog.

I got a letter in the mail today from school informing me that I got a scholarship just for being a SPED major (Special Education)... umm cool! $231.50 in my pocket just for being weird? I'll take it! Anyway, I must depart. I have to go give my dvr some attention.


February 17, 2011

Kindergarten Colors

Surprisingly enough, I didn't get too many weird looks for wearing this jacket today. Maybe my classmates are getting used to my crazy! That would be a first! Or maybe it's because I look borderline kindergarten teacher-esque. Who knows? Not I.

jacket- some random shop on Haight Street, San Fran
tee- Wally World, Hanes
jeans- Levi's
shoes- Urban Outfitters

Catalog model, anyone? I've scanned too many JC Penney books in my lifetime.

I made Mom play with the brightness settings on the camera. Last night I literally sat on my bed and read the owner's manual. My life is so exciting, let me tell you! More like I was exhausted after revising my math lesson plan and couldn't concentrate on anything academic.


PS: It is in the mid 70s here today! OMGZZZZZZ

PPS: Baseball season is upon us. Get excited, people!

February 16, 2011

I fakenstudied in this post

Connie, aka RoomDog, and I did my photoshoot on the 3rd floor of the library today! My outfit felt colleiate so the library made sense. We found ourselves searching through the books trying to find the most awkard book for me to pretend to read. Infectious diseases, anyone? Luckily, no one was around and no one walked by so there were no awkward looks from passers by. Yay for deserted library floors!

Mom made this skirt a few weeks ago from the bottom of a thrifted dress. You may not be able to tell that it's green, but it is!

leather jacket- Guess, thrifted
oxford- Banana Republic, thrifted
skirt- Mom
loafers- thrifted
rings- gifted

And now for the outtakes of the day:


This tragedy is what I call "study hair".


PS: How awkward are my fingers in the 4th photo? Those darn piano fingers that make them look deformed and crazy.

February 15, 2011

Today I wish my name was Clemence... or Poppy

blouse- vintage, thrifted
black jeans- Levi's
pumps- Liz Claiborne
rings- gifted or thrifted

I wore this Monday. And tonight. I got to go to Pi Party tonight! Basically, if I get a 3.14 or higher a semester I get to go to a pizza place downtown with the other AOIIs that got a 3.14 or above! We get free pizza and we also get to invite our professors. I've never invited any professors. I'm not good socially... plus I don't talk in class so most of my professors don't even know who I am. Even in the classes where there are only about 10 of us. I prefer to keep a low profile.

Heidi took my outfit pictures today! We took a field trip around the Pi house tonight. We visited the outside stairs, the parlor, Annie (our chapter mascot is Raggedy Anne), the bike rack, and the back porch. All while some guys where playing basketball outside... awesome.

Also, Sunday night I wound up at Wal*Mart with Heidi and Cali buying random groceries and following the baby daddies around with their massive teddy bears. Somehow we wound up in the makeup aisle where Heidi and I came up with the idea to have bicycle lipstick. You know what I mean! Like we both get one that we like, we keep it for a week and then switch. Okay, so maybe it's more like the Sisterhood of the Travelling Lipstick. Whatever. This week I have the red, next week I get the coral. And I, for one, am excited!


February 13, 2011

I'm A Ballerina!

Greetings from Lesson Planning Central! Yesterday I wrote my reading lesson plan, and today I will start on my math one. LPC (Lesson Plan Central) is one guaranteed hunk of fun! Notes spread out, textbooks open, too many tabs in Safari, etc. Oh and my math lesson is on geometry. I had geometry in 10th grade with possibly one of the most arrogant teachers ever and had no idea if I would actually pass. I didn't understand a thing he said and I couldn't imagine shapes moving around without seeing it in real life. Makes no sense.

Anyway, this is what I wore today. Duh! Last night I had about 6 dresses out for possible wearing but I wasn't satisfied. I finally gave up and went to bed. Right after I finally got comfortable and was almost asleep, BAM! Lightbulb! Pink dress, grey sweater, chastity belt. It was one of those times I should have just writting the idea down instead of getting up, turning on my light, and getting the stuff out. Like when you're in the shower and you get the BEST idea but you have nothing to write with. Then when you get out of the shower, the idea is gone. I'd suggest investing in those bathtub crayons. You know you want to!

Do I look like a ballerina in this? Thought so.

dress- Gap (thrifted)
sweater- F21
tights- Target
shoes- Marshalls/TJ Maxx
belt- thrifted


PS: The reason I call it my chastity belt is because it has 3 prongs that latch onto the other side of the front of the belt and a chain with a lock. It's intense. Like Indians. (feathers, not dots)

February 12, 2011

Swedish Robin Pan

tunic/shirt- Brother'd, Kirra (PacSun)
leggings- Old Navy
boots- Clarks
belt- Gap (old)
vest- BB Dakota

I'm not gonna lie, I wore this shirt last night over yesterday's dress. I also stole it right out of Brother's closet. Hey, he probably can't fit in it anymore and even if he could, he probably wouldn't wear it. His Under Armour and Nike gear would clash with regular clothing. At least,that is my rationalization.

I realize that I look like 1) Peter Pan, 2) Robin Hood, 3) a medieval something, or 4) an eskimo. However, my agenda involved my 4-year-old cousin's birthday party (complete with ridiculous party hats) and writing lesson plans. Comfort was key. When I finally got dressed I thought that I maybe looked a little Swedish. Tell me the truth, could you see me on Stockholm Streetstyle with my blunt awkward hair, no makeup, leggings, and fur? I just need a grey street as a background.

My hair has been really really weird the last couple of days. Dad asked me earlier if I cut it again (I haven't). Mom asked me what exactly my part was all about (um?). Either way, it's clean.


PS: The Trash & Treasure Sale in Baton Rouge is in 2 weeks! It opens at 7:30am but like I'm getting up that early on my 1 day to ignore an alarm. HA! I will get there later, after the neurotic crazies have gotten their loot. I'd rather miss good stuff than be around the crazies.

February 11, 2011

Black & Grey All Over

coat- Wilson's Leather
cardigan- F21
maxi dress- Urban Outfitters
boots- Shoe Station (maybe)
jewelry & belt- thrifted

Today has been exhausting and I've hardly done anything. Isn't that so lame? I had to do a couple of observations for class but the reading class was at an assembly so I had to sit in our classroom until it was time to observe the math class and then I came home and my bathroom was all messy so I was in a bad mood for pictures. Whew! Plus, my brain is fried from writing 1 measly lesson plan last night. I have a few more than 1 (way more than a few) left to write this semester and I am already tired of them. Ridiculous!

Last night I was trying to figure out what to wear today and was completely uninspired. That is why I am just wearing black and grey all over. Also, we have a dress code for class and observations and I don't want to wear "teacher clothes".  You know what I'm talking about-- khakis and a polo. Bor-ring. What do you do when your closet feels uninspiring?