December 28, 2011

With a Little Flair

coat- thrifted kids coat
oxford- Levi's
sweater- Gap
pants- TJ Maxx ($13)
flats- Jessica Simpson

This outfit feels like the cliche "classic with a twist" with the purple pants and leopard swing coat! I would have normally gone with black or tan pants, which is what I had on at first, but I wanted a little flair. Purple pants give some flair, don't you think?



  1. I had a coat just like this in high school. I wish I had kept it forever.

  2. I looooove the leopard coat, it looks incredible on you :))


  3. I like the purple pants, keeps from being too predictable. :)

  4. Purple pants make the man. Or woman. Just ask Prince.

    I also like your little ballerina move in the last photo. ;)

  5. Love the coat. It is fabulous and the swing to it is great. I need to get out there and look for some coats to thrift!