December 17, 2011

Throwing Leaves

flannel- thrifted
sweatshirt- Eddie Bauer
coat- stolen from brother
leggings- American Eagle
boots- Clarks
purse- vintage Coach, thrifted

My lovely Saturday morning began when my alarm sounded at 5:40 a.m. I was en route to help out with a 5K at the LSU campus by 6:45. In my 30-minute drive and 1 stop at Starbucks, I only hit 1 (ONE) red light. Have mercy! It was bliss! Then I stood outside (freezing) for 2 hours (freezing), 20 minutes of which were spent awkwardly standing in the middle of the road (freezing) in the middle of campus (freezing) telling runners where to turn... all of this while the state troopers were sitting in their cars with the heaters on laughing at me. But a ton of money was raised at the race, so it was worth not being able to feel my hands! 

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Now for the leaf throwing.



  1. hi!! i LOVE your jacket (and the entire outfit as well)! I've been looking for something similar for the past month. if you don't mind, would you mind letting me know where you got it or what brand it is? thanks!!

  2. Stop being so cute. It's making me jealous.

  3. I love this look.. it looks effortless and comfortable and still so stylish!