December 7, 2011

Strange Words

coat- Wilson's Leather
scarf- Gap (came with a dress)
skirt- Forever 21
flats- Jessica Simpson

All I can say about today is that my mouth has a mind of its own. In a meeting with a graduate advisor at LSU (grad school application process begins...), I used the word "lunatic" within 5 minutes of meeting her, which apparently made me a shoe-in for admission. Hey, I'll take it! Then I wound up at Noelie Harmon and tried on a dress that I described to the girls at the front desk as "a little busty for my pancakes". Word vomit. 

On another note, I ordered a sweater from Gap during a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale and had to return it today. I decided to do it in-store since I was passing right by, but I couldn't exchange and get the same price for it that I paid online. 

1) What?
2) WHAT?
3) What can you do about it?

Well, luckily the rude salesman informed me that their sweaters were Buy 1, Get 1 Free. That was a better deal than returning it and getting nothing, so I repurchased my original one in the right size, and snagged this super soft one for free. Sweet deal, right?


PS: Get ready for a giveaway in the next few days! 


  1. your skirt is so pretty! I love the color and how light it looks :) and both sweaters you got are super cute.

  2. I enjoy both of those sweaters. I also enjoy the phrase "busty for my pancakes." I will maybe use it in the opposite fashion - will it still work?

    Also, I wanted a skirt exactly like this once. Well, a little bit more ballroom-y. Think: Larisa Oleynik's prom look in 10 Things I Hate About You. I wanted to wear a pink version to my Bat Mitzvah, but my mom said no, because it was a daytime event, and not formal. So I cried in the middle of Macy's. I was 13. (I got the skirt, but was not allowed to wear it to my Bat Mitzvah.) You're welcome.

  3. I completely understand the mouth's-secret-life, as mine likes to blab itself off way too many times, but personally, I love the pancakes phrase! And you look lovely, that skirt is so nice on you x