December 9, 2011

A Little Pep in m'Step

sweater- Forever 21
oxford & pants- Gap
boots- Clarks
squinty eyes- c/o sinus pressure

This morning I met my students for next semester and it was a typical Friday at school. Kids banging on drums in the hallway, P.E. happening in the commons, posters flying everywhere, the usual. After meeting tons of people in only a few minutes, names blended together. But at least I know where my 2 classrooms are so I won't get lost on my first day!

On another note, I found this sweater last weekend at F21 as a potential replacement for the mustard sweater I bought a year ago. I'm not quite sure that it will go with everything like my long one, but it's a good one to keep on hand. Also, these boots are so comfortable that I could go for a run in them. My feet seriously feel like they have more "pep" when I wear them. I bounce more and take longer strides. What the heck?