December 29, 2011

Dimensions in Neutrals

oxford- Target
jeans- Levi's
sweater- Billabong
boots- Timberland

I love mixing different shades of muted colors together. It can be tricky to give dimension to wearing all neutrals, but textures and various fabrics can help make the look less flat. And these colors remind me of a pretty room that Genevieve Gorder would turn into a magical, relaxing place. Not bad, not bad.


PS: Do any of you love Dear Genevieve as much as I do? I'm not a fan of her curtain walls, but I love her ideas for kitchens. I basically drool in every episode. Ha!


  1. This is really cute and comfy! Actually, I think I can recreate this with my some pieces of my own - thanks for the inspiration :)


  2. I love that sweater, it looks great on you!