November 1, 2011


jacket- American Eagle Outlet
sweater, loafers, & jewelry- thrifted
jeans- Levi's

1. This jacket makes me feel really cool every time I wear it. It reminds me of Jack Bauer's "Jack Bag" and, therefore, brings imagination and adventure into my life. All that in a jacket, eh?
2. These loafers make me feel smart. Also a little tomboy-ish. And since people always think of me as the girly-girl blonde bimbo, they (hopefully) tell onlookers, "That girl is smart and means business. But her loafers are pointy so she's playful. She may even know a multiplication rap or two." Like I said, hopefully.
3. This sweater makes me feel a little Golden Girls. I am the resident Grandma of my group of friends, so it's fitting. So what if my perfect Friday night includes a new episode of Say Yes to the Dress and a House Hunters marathon? 
4. If you can't decide which necklace to wear, wear all of them! And, if you so desire, change into a muumuu when you get home and pretend you're Barbra. 


A little test-shot outtake humor. I'm a ninja!


  1. Love it! And don't worry, Say Yes to the Dress is part of my Friday routine too.

  2. I love how all of your clothes make you "feel" haha. Seriously. Thank you for being a friendddd. (I think a modern-day cover of the Golden Girls theme song is long overdue. I nominate you for the job!)

  3. Ahhhhh.............Jack! How I miss him!

  4. I love all the texture in this outfit with the top and the necklaces! Well done!

    Lindsey Turner

  5. I also have a similar (though camo print) jacket I wear that makes me feel pretty badass :-) Cute look on you!


  6. I love your sweater and jacket :) They look so nice together! Haha your last picture is great.