November 14, 2011

Double Denim & Super Zippers

denim shirt, belt, jewelry- thrifted
jeans- Levi's
sandals- Bandolino via TJ Maxx

I did it. I wore denim on denim. And I looked like I'd just stepped out of "That 70's Show". But I'm okay with that. Now if only I had a yellow VW van and a foreign friend named Fez...


PS: If you have ever worn high-waisted jeans, you know that their zippers take approximately 4 minutes to zip up. Insane! 


  1. Girl those jeans look great on you! And it took me a long time to trust the denim on denim look but I wear it all the time now. I like how you paired it here!

  2. Stop looking so amazing. Ok, actually don't stop.

  3. High waisted pants are the best! These are so flattering on you.

  4. I love your "texas tuxedo"! the high waisted jeans are fabulous.