November 9, 2011


blouse- MawMaw'd
cords- Gap (last Fall)
jacket- thrifted Guess
flats- Antonio Melani via Dillard's
rings- thrifted

I was called so many things today, but here are my favorites:
      1. Oh, hey autumn.
      2. The meatless sandwich
      3. A desert sunset

Personally, I thought I looked like mustard and tomatoes. As I drove to teach this morning I noticed that the trees were actually changing colors! Fall in Louisiana? THIS NEVER HAPPENS! We usually go from green to grey without experiencing fall. Yay!

After the fact, though, I wish I would have worn my royal blue cardigan instead of this jacket. I needed 1 more crazy color to complete the look but didn't realize it until I got home. Lame, I know! Use your imagination.

Below is my enthusiasm for re-watching "The New Girl" with my "daytime roommate" right after we took photos. Do you watch that show? If you don't know me in real life, imagine Zooey Deschanel's character, water it down a little, add a little Lorelai Gilmore, and then there's me. 



  1. Love the colors of this outfit. I think you'll wear it again with the royal blue sweater.

  2. haha, mustard and tomatoes suits you well! The colors going on here are so fabulous and fall. And yes, desert sunset. Gorgeous.

  3. I love your red jeans with the mustard top! Gorgeous outfit :) I love that show, its so funny.

  4. Colorblocking like a pro! Love those jeans!

  5. Is The New Girl any good? I love Zooey, but I wasn't sure about this show.

    You look so cute btw :) I'm loving the color blocking. I don't think you look like anything other than gorgeous! Ignore those funny names they gave you lol.

    xoxo Azu

  6. I love that show, and your outfit.
    You remind me of Zooey. In a great way of course.

  7. Meatless sandwich? LOL I love this look! So great and what rich fall colors!

  8. You look like Thanksgiving. Now I'm hungry.