October 26, 2011

A Non-Fall Fall

dress- Time Warp
belt & rings- thrifted/gifted
flats- Seychelles via Last Call or Off 5th (one of those types of stores)

These photos may illude to a fall atmosphere in south Louisiana, but, rest assured, it was 82 degrees at the time of these photos. It's in the 50s in the morning and the 80s by lunch. How exactly am I supposed to dress for that? Better yet, how do you, experiencers of fall, dress for a real fall?


PS: I totally forgot to give a link to the post on Anthony Ryan Auld from this post! I wound up putting it on CF instead. And can I just say that I saw him Sunday and he LOVED it? Because he did! Read the article here

PPS: I won a Twitter content from Paris Parker for a free hair color! I'm going to get a cut too so, tell me... what should I go for? Get on Pinterest for me and help me decide, will ya?

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  1. I totally love that outfit! It's something I would definitely wear... except that fall here (in CT) is really fall and wayyyy too cold for that lol. I am jealous- I would rather be in that than all the sweaters, boots, and jackets I had to bust outta the closet already.