October 3, 2011

NOLA Fashion Week

It's that time of year again... NOLA Fashion Week! Last season the workshops and events were separate from the shows. But this year, the shows are spread out over a few days. I am so excited about that because that means I can actually go to the shows rather than spending my Saturday stalking Twitter for pictures! 

Like any fashion week, NOLAFW's goal is to bring fashion to a place not usually known for its fashion, New Orleans. All of the designers showing at NOLAFW are Southern born or based, so it really is representative of the south! 

Here are the designers showing at NOLAFW:
Jolie & Elizabeth, Amanda deLeon Clothing, Varela + Brooks, Matthew Arthur Apparel Architecture, Andrea Loest, Annie Griffin, Rogersliu, and blackout.

Besides the fashion shows alone, there are some great workshops this season! I am still deciding which one(s) I will be able to go to, but I definitely hope to make the fashion illustration workshop! I met the teacher for the Couture Techniques workshop, Lisa McRobers, and she is going to teach how to make a corset. The woman worked at Vera Wang... so you can only imagine how phenomenal that class will be! 

Check out the website, NOLA-fashionweek.com for more information on the schedule! If you are planning on going to any events, let me know so I can look for you! 


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  1. I am so into this shoot, especially the mint shift dress!