October 10, 2011

Monday Story

tee- Gap
cargos- PacSun
loafers, scarf, & jewelry- thrifted

Once upon a Monday there was a girl name Sarah. She woke up in a lazy daze and did not wash her hair. In order to cover up her dirty hair, she used an ungodly amount of hair spray and dry shampoo and slapped on a pretty scarf. The end.



  1. Dear lord you're adorable as all get out. How come your unwashed greasy hair looks 10x better than my freshly washed hair?

    jealous other Sarah

  2. And Aunt Jemimah would be so proud of you! You have the scarf down pat! Wish I could see the back of your hair.

  3. Have you been told that you resemble Bonnie of Flashes of style?. Only, your hair colour differs. You could pass off as twins!