October 4, 2011

Life Lately

Just a little taste of life lately, as seen through the lens of my phone.

Behold, the largest peanut known to mankind.

A non-blogged outfit. Gap tee & shorts, American Eagle jacket, thrifted loafers

At my apartment... see #5.

A granola cluster in my cereal as big as my thumb. It's the little things.

A skirt I saw at Goodwill. This print is now the background on my phone.

Slammin' chair at TJ Maxx.

Non-blogged outfit. DKNY tunic, Gap pants, Limited Too (yeah...) belt, J. Simpson flats

Mango Sorbet at Marina Cafe.

Non-blogged outfit. Thrifted American Eagle shirt, homemade skirt, thrifted belt, Nine West huraches.

A non-blogged outfit. Gap tee, thrifted Lord & Taylor skirt, Antonio Melani flats, thrifted belt (worn backwards).

Brother hiding under the mantle & Tweeting at Sunday lunch.

Atlantic-Pacific's Blair at a DVF video shoot. I am obsessed with her. And if I could pull off forehead bangs I would want them to look exactly like this.

An expandable cardboard hat I found at Goodwill last week. So weird, yet so cool!



  1. I love what you're wearing in all pics, but that last one is the best! I reeeaaallly like that top. You make that hat look expensive. I didn't even know it was cardboard until I read your comment on it lol.

    Just found your blog and I'm now following :)


  2. Dude, my sister said those ridiculous hats are eeeeverywhere in China. I love that you found one! Also, this post is adorable. I started following you just a bit ago and am enjoying your blog immensely.

  3. OMG'd I have that exact same mirror! LOL Great pics and outfits girl. That hat is killing me. HAHAHAHAHA :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  4. I love the pink and blue outfit! And omg, I thought that peanut was a baby potato :P