October 31, 2011


shirt- Gap
skirt & jewelry- thrifted
flats- Jessica Simpson
belt- from a F21 dress
blonde(er) hair- c/o Marsha @ Paris Parker Perkins Rowe

Happy Halloween, y'all! As I was walking to my dance class on campus this afternoon I saw Gumby, a wizard, and the Green Hornet. In my class this morning we had a prisoner (because we are prisoners of the education program at school) and a "culturally diverse teacher" (because we have to be culturally diverse). Although, if you are the type of person who wants Halloween to be every day, just head on down to the Hammond, Louisiana Wal*Mart any day of the year. I'm sure you can get your fix.

So I forgot to mention this earlier, but Friday I got my hair colored & cut at Paris Parker at their Perkins Rowe location. I won a Twitter contest earlier that week for a free color from the lovely Marsha! My hair gets so sun-bleached during the summer and grows out darker, making me look like B. Spears... really not good. So this was SUCH treat! And since I am a poor lowly college student, easier on the pocketbook. Thanks, Marsha! 


PS: Is today National Leopard Day? I've seen lots of bloggers in it and it was everywhere on campus... crazy!


  1. Wow your outfit is amazing, love your skirt :) And your hair looks so pretty! now following.

  2. How cute is your skirt! I am so impressed that you thrifted it, too. Every time I see a retro-y, blousy shirt that cost $60 at Anthro, I think of all the smart girls like you who can find it for $3. Nice work!

  3. Looking great! Hair and outfit alike! :)

    (You know who would really like this look? Chris Manzo...)

  4. That is a great skirt on you - and the new do looks great. (I never noticed any hint of B. SPears before, LOL!. Do you use any special conditioner on it to keep the colour from drying it out?


  5. Everyone is loving leopard, including me. I think I own about 10 leopard print items ranging from belts, dresses, coats, scarfs, etc. I'm obsessed!

    I absolutely adore your skirt. It looks great on you!

  6. National Leopard Day?! I missed it!!! UGH! Luv your leopard skirt! Gotta luv thrift, especially when you score a bit 'o the kitty! Gotta run and put National Leopard Day on my 2012 calendar! Don't want to miss THAT again!

  7. so pretty! I love leopard!

    Lindsey Turner