October 23, 2011

I Dyed

dress- thrifted old table cloth (last seen in this post)
shoes- Carlos Santana via TJ Maxx

I wore this dress for the last night of NOLA Fashion Week! I tried to ombre it in the dye, but it just turned out slightly darker but not noticeable enough. I added some purple to my bottom tier of the dye so that's the most distinct part. Whatever, I love it anyway! And can I just tell you how many one-ups I got that night... goodness!


PS: In order to wash my hands or function properly as a human being, I have to flip my sleeves up. And it gives me bat wings!


  1. This is such an amazing DIY!!! I love it so much and even more so now that I see/think of all the work you put into it!

  2. Hey that really did turn out amazingly!! Love the color .. then and now!

  3. That's my favourite colour, EVER! Screw pink, seriously. I'm a purple princess. It looks great with your blonde hair, and need I say, those are some killer shoes. Great look!


  4. Holy cow! I can't believe that was a table cloth before...love the lace! And the dye job looks great!

  5. Sarah, this turned out so cute even if it didn't ombre. Your shoes are also killer. I hope you went to the after party because you were clearly dressed for it.

  6. I love how it turned out! The color is beautiful.