October 19, 2011


My Jean Lafitte impression... I've taught Louisiana history too many times

shirt & shorts- Gap
blazer- thrifted Christian Dior
scarf- Target
loafers & jewelry- thrifted

Ladies & gents, it was 44 degrees when I walked out the door this morning. It is currently 65 degrees at 5:13. Yes, I am wearing shorts. I got so many strange looks yesterday. It was in the 80s yesterday and the public has apparently forgotten what legs look like. Let's talk about people wearing puffer jackets today, okay? It's not snowing, you don't need a puffer jacket. 


PS: Check out the picture below. It's not that big of a deal, but I walk on air without my Nikes. Take that, Michael Jordan!


  1. Nice outfit! :)

    And nice blog, especially love your positive attitude and now following! Hope you'll have a minute to visit my blog. Maybe you'll like it, too... :)

    Victoria, 'The Wind of Inspiration' style blog

  2. LOL that last picture is too cute. And you are right. I am from Colorado. We don't get our puffy jackets on until mid December.

  3. I love this scarf! I had a similar style purple Om scarf that I got for cheapsville at TJ Maxx... and left on campus in our marketplace and got stolen. :(

    Wah wah.

    You look great. :) Haha.

  4. cute outfit. love the shorts and how you jump in the pics. :) check my blog sometime.. i would be very glad..