September 17, 2011

My shirt is orange and I don't wear orange

tee, shorts, belt (entire wardrobe)- Gap
sandals- Sam Edelman via Dillard's (Labor Day sale fo' cheap)
jewelry- thrifted & gifted

Guys, I am having a phenomenal hair day today. It is currently 6 p.m. and my hair is still HUGE! Most people like their hair to be tame, silky, and straight. I hate it when my hair is tame, silky, and straight! I much prefer it frizzy, wild, and a little dry. My hair stylist (Hey, Keisha) probably hates me because I don't use conditioner most days, but it weighs down my hair. I want bouncy, light hair! Am I alone in this feeling? Anyway, I usually use baby shampoo because it smells good, doesn't hurt my eyes, conditions, and makes my hair curly like a baby's. And everyone likes baby curls, right?

I have to talk about this tee for a second... I am not a wearer of orange. I am also not a wearer of pink. However, this is coral so it's an in between. I hate that I really like it but I just cannot help myself. What colors do you wear/not wear?



  1. aw cute pictures, and I love bouncy hair as well! There isn't really a color I wouldn't wear; I like them all, and you look great in coral so you should wear it more often :D!


  2. Coming from someone with extremely curly hair, I would love nothing more than tame, silky straight hair. But every girl usually wants what they don't have right? I love the coral/orange/pink (or corink, if you will) top!

  3. Coral is a oolor I wouldn't wear either..same with pink and orange, but I really like this top! I might take it for myself if you don't want it! hehehee

  4. That color looks very good on you Sarah! Very cute outfit!

    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim