September 11, 2011

I use "ever" too much in this post

Last night was the LSU vs. Northwestern game and... I went. Even though I live right outside of Baton Rouge, I had never been to a game. I usually watch on TV or, rather, pretend to watch while I stuff my face with Doritos. Same thing, right? 

Well last night was different. Remember DJ/Dennis Junior/Howard? After being on the roster for 3 long (long long long) years, he was informed that he was starting the game! *Insert girlish shriek, embarassing happy dance and tears here* Naturally, Brother and I had to go! I took an obscene amount of pictures but these are my favorites! 

Can I give you a little background? Good. Last night was his first ever football game ever to ever play in ever. AND HE WAS AWESOME!!! His last kick (a field goal, I think) was 54 yards! 54 YARDS, PEOPLE! AND IT WAS HIS FIRST EVER FOOTBALL GAME EVER TO PLAY IN EVER! Needless to say, I had a blast! And I don't even know anything about football.

Stupid guy ruining a cool leg-and-arms-out-as-if-he-was-flying shot.

Awkward leg. 

Me, DJ, and Brother

Oh, hey Shaq. Just step out onto the field. There wasn't a game going on or anything...


PS: As a matter of fact, I did want to stand up and sing "Go DJ, that's my DJ. Go DJ, that's my DJ..." But I saved my brother the embarrassment.


  1. AHHH!!!! I am so jealous but yet SOOO happy you got to go and experience tiger stadium lol I love the pictures! :D

  2. Great pictures! That's so cool that you got to go, and congratulations to DJ!


  3. okay stupid question - but is DJ your boyfriend? I only just started reading your blog...