August 25, 2011


tank- Urban Outfitters
shorts- Banana Republic via Goodwill
leopard belt- J.Crew Outlet
loafers & jewelry- thrifted

Let me catch you up on my week so far... Monday I was all ready to take outfit pictures, but when my temporary photog and I got outside, the camera wouldn't turn on. Would. Not. Turn. On. I tried changing the battery, searching the manual, everything. It may be dead. What does this mean for outfit photos? Good ole stand-by point & shoot. Problem... point & shoot is consistently fuzzy even with just looking at the screen. 

I know what you're thinking. But Sarah, what did you do? I'll tell you. I went to Best Buy and used my warranty to get a brand new camera! A little over a year with the old camera and it goes kaput. Awesome. Whatever, I got a new camera out of it! 

The most frustrating thing is that I wore some really cute outfits this week. But do I get to show you? No. I'm just sorry that you didn't get to see my awesome outfits that got serious stares on campus.


PS: Does anyone else think that I look like mustard and pickles? 

PPS: Thanks, Sarah for making my new header :) 


  1. SO cute, I love the color combo!!!! I bet you turned some heads, doll!

  2. Cute! Love these colors together.


  3. A new camera is always good!! Your outfit is super cute & does NOT remind me of mustard and pickles LOL!

  4. Well the photos and your shoot came out great! Your outfit is very cute. :)

    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  5. I love this look! very summery and I love the colors!