July 25, 2011

For A Casual Stroll

First order of the day: stand in front of concrete bench.

Second: sit on bench.

Third: step up onto most wobbly bench and spaz.

Fourth: find perfect balance and end up with a jelly leg picture that turned out pretty cute.

tee & belt- Gap
shorts- Levi's
loafers & jewelry- thrifted

Above outfit maybe, possibly, unconsciously, not-so-intentional inspired by this Pin. Only I don't have long flowy hair, a bike, and it's too hot for a scarf. 



  1. I have no idea how I would dress without Pinterest. It's so awesome.

    Love your relaxed look :)

  2. Super cute!! I may have to copy a version of this...once I get some denim shorts!

  3. i just came across this and i recognized the bench...LSU!!!! Heyoo Im from baton rouge too!! your blog is awesome!