July 21, 2011

Every Body Every Wear: Thrifted Edition

tee- Gap
skirt- thrifted
sandals- Antonio Melani via Dillard's
necklace- thrifted

Today's edition of EverybodyEverywear is to showcase your favorite thrifted find! I sincerely hope they make this a monthly thing, seeing as much of my closet is thrifted and I treasure all of my pieces. But, I had to choose something that is my favorite. So I chose my Cleopatra necklace! Fear not, Christian Dior blazer, you are also my favorite. It's like best friends. You can have more than one, right?

I scored this skirt at Goodwill this afternoon and immediately knew that I would be wearing it today! I had intended on wearing jeans or something simple, but the maxi completed this look. I kept the entire outfit simple so that my necklace could really shine (pun intended)! Bonus, it jingles when I walk.

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  1. You look so beautiful! I love this entire outfit, but that necklace is killing me! I loooove that.

  2. That necklace is AMAZING!! Total score!

  3. Love everything about it.

    Sometimes, I think my cat is following me, but it's just me jewelry jingling. Flash forward to crazy cat lady status.

  4. Love the necklace! You look like you're having so much fun! very infectious.

  5. Ooooooooo! You should submit a suggestion to make this a once a month activity! It was so far my favorite EBEW. I love the skirt and the necklace. Spectacular!

  6. You're beautiful! I love this.

  7. I am seriously in love with your necklace! What a score.

    I think they should do the thrift edition every month also! I have wayyy too many vintage dresses and it was hard to pick which one to put on there.

    Cute blog :)

  8. I love how simple this outfit is, that black skirt was a great find!

  9. Saw you on EBEW...your necklace is beyond words for me...amazing? doesn't really cut it, you obviously understand. what a fantastic thrift find!!! Love your style!
    And totally agree about the thrift edition monthly thing-my closet is also mostly thrifted!

  10. haha, I know what you mean. I could fill an entire page of EBEW with my thrifted looks. This outfit is so elegant and you have such a pretty face!

  11. I know you've heard it before, but this necklace is AMAZING! I'm so jealous.

  12. The entire outfit it so cute! I would wear that in a hot second! And that necklace is to DIE FOR!!! Great job... and you are just the cutest little thing... Cheers! Sherry