July 17, 2011


dress- thrifted, remade from 90s ugly
pumps- Antonio Melani
nails- Essie Big Spender and Exposure
lips- Sephora cream lip stain #6

Had I remembered to take a picture of the "before" of this dress, you might just bow at my mother's feet. It was a gross, long but short sleeved, square dress. BUT the color was fantastic and the buttons are sharp looking! Plus, it buttons up the back for the top half of the dress. Difficult in dressing rooms (as I learned today), but very cute when you're walking away! 

Still on the subject of the dress, does this not look like something the Duchess of Cambridge would wear? Simple, ladylike, easy, but with a twist. If you think so, feel free to call me Princess Sarah, Duchess of the Restoration. I am certainly not opposed.

Below is an example of what happens to a camera lens when it's raining and humid in south Louisiana. Dreamy, right? Cue hair frizz. 



  1. Woooowww that dress is cute! :D You look so elegant and clasy in it. :) I'm taking baby steps into the world of D.I.Y. and this is certainly encouraging. You could never tell it's age, it looks brand new!

    Natalie x

  2. Your mom is obviously a pro! I want a back view of those buttons, Princess!

  3. I love this dress! Your mom is a wiz at this! It fits you perfectly!

  4. such a pretty dress, I love the colour

  5. That is one of the best remakes that I have ever seen! so cute! I can just imagine what the dress looked like before.

  6. I'm close to tears! this dress - this dress! Oh my,