July 23, 2011

Actin' A Fool

tank- Gap
skirt- Forever21
belt, loafers, jewelry- thrifted/gifted

Last night, the American Idol Top 11 performed in New Orleans and... I was there. With my parents. I seriously need a t-shirt that says, "I like my parents more than my friends."

But anyway, it was so awesome to see Casey and Scotty again! Pia and Stephano opened the show, but it was more like a lame opening act at a fair. But then, then Paul came out and sang "Maggie May" which really got people excited! Casey busted out his bass and sang a little Santana and Maroon 5. I then proceeded to make a fool out of myself. 

Since I stalk Scotty on Twitter (I'm addicted to him), I knew that he was next door at the UNO baseball fields watching a game. On the way in, we passed by the field and Mom said that she wanted to go watch the game. Had we gone to the game like she wanted, I could have met my underaged heart throb! I have learned my lesson!

Funny dialogue from last night:
Me: SCOTTYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! (As I was jumping up and down actin' a fool)
Mom: Sarah, I am so glad you're not on the front row, because you would be making a fool of yourself.
In other words, I had a blast.

This morning I had to get up and take my middle school history certification test. It was mostly governmental and economics questions, so I was obviously confused. For the price of that test, I hope I passed. It is such a pain to give a beloved Saturday morning for a long droning test!


PS: My nails are Essie's Cute as a Button with a Matte About You top coat. Thanks, Olivia for the rec!


  1. I LOVE that you said that about your parents! That is so sweet.

  2. Aw! I went to the Linkin Park concert with my mom (something I NEVER thought I would be able to say) and it was the BEST time ever! Yay for cool moms! I love your yellow skirt here as well. Good luck with your test!

  3. Love love love the skirt, great outfit.
    Following you.


  4. love this outfit, your skirt is to die for! is it a recent F21 purchase? or long ago?

  5. The skirt paired with the loafers is so adorable!

  6. OOOOH! awesome skirt, you look lovely.