June 13, 2011

Winning Carousel

dress- Shabby Apple won from Off of Broadway
shoes- Naturalizer (super old)
belt- Gap (again, super old)
jewelry- thrifted

You know what I love about this dress? I love that all I had to do to get it was comment on Amanda's blog and take my chances on winning it! Everyone knows that I love thrifted prices, but free is even better. I got SO many compliments on it! It was probably the most I have ever gotten on one article of clothing. When I tried it on for the first time, the skirt didn't start until about mid-hip. Drop waist is not good on me. Yikes! So, what did I do? Pull up the skirt, belt it, and BAM! New dress!

As a lover of musicals, this dress instantly made me think of Carousel. That, in itself, was reason enough for the soundtrack to get stuck in my head and make me dance around. Then I remembered the graduation scene from Temple Grandin and I smiled.


  1. so cute! It looks fab on you!

  2. you look so amazing in this dress!!!!! so glad you were able to make it work even though at first the fit wasn't quite right. i mean, it looks perfect on you! so glad you won!!!!!!!!!