June 19, 2011

Colors, Tans, and Jeeps

dress- Billabong
sandals- Dolce Vita
jewelry- thrifted

I've had this dress for, oh, 5 years? Even though I usually don't for for orange, burnt orange makes me look tan. Colors that make me look tan = awesome.

Blog, meet "The Jeep". "The Jeep", meet blog. In honor of Father's Day, I thought I would show you my dad's prized possession. It somehow makes its way into all of our pictures from Colorado, hardly ever gets a bath, and has its own chant. I'm not a fan of having to sit in the back seat for hours on unstable mountain passes or only being able to go 55 mph on the interstate because of the off-road tires, but it is a family jewel. Some men have boats or Harleys, my dad has his Jeep. 


PS: Dad, I finally took pictures with the Jeep... ARE YOU SATISFIED?


  1. What a cute dress! I have so many dresses that I have had for years and years (of course, I can't wear most of them now....give me a few month sand maybe!). My husband calls me a clothing horder and thinks I have a problem because I honestly keep everything!

  2. You look so cool and comfy... I just love it! Pretty color, too.


  3. Oooooooh where in Colorado? I live in the Boulder area. I love this dress on you!

  4. I love that dress and compared to me, you look super tanned to begin with! I've always wanted a jeep, there's just something about them!

  5. its a really cute dress!!


  6. you do look tan! as a jeep owner, i love this post!

  7. Really cute post! I love the dress (and the jeep). Your banner photo is awesome too!

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