May 4, 2011


dress- thrifted
tights- Urban Outfitters
heels- Naturalizer

Did you get questionably made fun of by a 60-year old man today for wearing mustard tights? Because I did. Or, at least, I think I did. I don't even care! Why? Because this is [hopefully] my last chance of the season to wear tights. 

Louisiana. Tights. May. What the heck is going on? I should be sweating my brains out by the pool eating popsicles! Weather, please make up your mind.


PS: These photos were taken next to the parking lot at the elementary/middle school where I teach. Oh, and Katie, I'm glad you got to witness a photoshoot in real life. I know that your life's dream is complete.


  1. Can you go thrifting for me? And bring me home tons of treasures? Kthnxlove.

  2. PS boo on making fun of your mustard tights, they're fab!

  3. I love your tights/dress combo! I have refused to wear tights after March, so I have either been freezing or in pants! You look awesome and I love this dress!

  4. That dress is too cute! And I LOVE the mustard tights. I seriously need to invest in some bright tights for next winter.

    And yes!! I'm in Pensacola and seriously what is up with this weather?!? I was going to get up and run this morning but it was just entirely too cold!

  5. Old men must be ignored when they speak to women younger than them. The other day, I said "excuse me" while walking in front of an old dude, and he started going on about how women are always excusing themselves. I just rolled my eyes and kept right on walking.

    Our weather here in Seattle sucks too. But yeah, at least your tights look super cute!

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