May 1, 2011

Jackpot, Gold mine, Swag, Bounty, Motherload

I am currently watching the Food Network and this show is featuring what a restaurant calls "Cajun spicy jambalaya pasta". Here in the real South, we call that pastalaya. People only think they're inventive, ha!


skirt- thrifted, Express
tank- American Eagle
heels- Bandolino via TJ Maxx
belt & bracelets- thrifted

Last Tuesday Mom and I scheduled a "Shopping Extravagan. Za." that consisted of something I like to call "Goodwill Hopping".  I would call it Goodwill Hunting, but the confusion with the movie would be annoying. Like naming your child Madonna at this day and age. Or Cher.

What happened at this Goodwill Hopping event was sheer perfection! If you are a Baton Rougeian (sp? who cares.) and you have never been to the Goodwill on College, you need to go.  I hit the MO.THER.LOAD.D.D. of skirts! Most of which were future midis, and two in the most beautiful shade of coraly-melony-salmony awesomeness.  However, this beaute was just hanging on the racks waiting for me to find it. So soft and in the perfect shade of brown suede... heavenly! And even though there is the possibility of the remnants of an orange Tootsie Pop on the inside hem, I can get over it.



  1. omg goodwill is amazing. so many little diamonds in the rough, and for cheap! adorable outfit!

  2. I love Goodwill. We have a lot of them up here and routinely visit. We also have Savers and Spree both of which are equally as fabulous!

  3. btw, i passed on the "one lovely blog award" to you!

  4. Oooh, I think I might need some jambalaya soon! That skirt is gorgeous!

  5. Jealousss! I wanna go!!!!

    P.S. you look beautyfull here.

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