May 5, 2011

I'd Rather Be Blue

The first person who can tell me what song and movie the title is from will get a prize! Probably a high-five... since that is always the reward I give my students. It gives individual attention, physical contact, and... you don't want to know this. But seriously, if you can identify that without Google or Wikipedia, we can be best friends.

shirt- Gap
skirt- Express
belt- thrifted
flats- Antonio Melani

While trying to figure out what to wear this morning, my mind went to color blocking. It has been everywhere lately. Runways, blogs, streetstyle, mags, watermelons but I have yet to try it! I am not usually one for so much color, but I love wearing blue, so it seemed like a nice marriage between my own comfort zone and an adventure. My feelings in reflection? Love. If I had a baby blue cardigan I would have been 100% satisfied with this outfit! However, I love the results, even if I did go monochrome instead of contrasting colors.

Today was my last day of class until summer school... the below picture fully captures my excitement.



  1. Barbraaaaaa. <3 I give my students high 10s, personally, because a 3-year-old needs a high 10.

    Anyway, I have dreams of monochromatic outfits, specifically blue ones, so I'm looovinggg thissss.

  2. I love blue!... and fellow teachers of course

  3. simple outfit yet chic! cute shoes!