May 11, 2011

Flowy Florals

romper- Target (approx 2 years ago)
sandals- Antonio Melani via Dillards
rings- gifted & thrifted

Day 4 of florals and I am officially felling dainty and chipper! Although, the chipper part may be a result of my finals being completed this morning so the data could be skewed.

The last time I wore a romper, Justine from Just Better Together commented that she was scared to wear a romper because of the whole bathroom trouble situation. I can assure you, it is quite a feat so you must plan well when you want to wear a romper! No public restrooms, no road trips, no coffee, etc. I always have to plan wearing rompers around days that I will be close to bathrooms and preferably at home so that if I have to get completely undressed (it's about to get raw y'all), there is so possibility of those public restroom stall cracks or ripping of the clothes when you just. have. to. go. right. now.  I apologize if this subject offends anyone, but that's real life. People wear rompers. We worry about how the bathroom situation will go. Don't try and play like you haven't had the same conversation with yourself...



  1. i hear ya! rompers and leotards just don't make for easy access so its always better to plan ahead!! love this romper super cute :)

  2. Hahaha. I have a terrible habit of wearing rompers/onesies to occasions involving port-a-potties. It's really terrible. Never do it. For real.