May 10, 2011

Flour: syn. Flower

Today is the Everybody Everywear florals challenge! If you're not familiar with it, it's basically a monthly challenge that followers can vote on for one day out of the month where everyone wears their interpretation of the challenge! Today is actually Day 3 of my own wear-florals-every-stinkin'-day-for-a-week challenge, so florals are my specialty at this point.

Florals | Everybody, Everywear

Let's talk about my outfit for a minute, shall we? My dress is an old flour sack. I thought it was perfect in going along with the florals challenge. Get it? Flour... Flower... punny, I know! My mom snagged it from my MawMaw's stash of old flour sacks that she had kept from the 50s and made this pillow dress for me a couple of years ago! We originally planned on having the bow tie in the front, but it looked and felt too fluferly (adj: fluffed, poofed, yuck) right by my face. So now I wear it backwards... or front wards at this point.

dress- Mommy made it from a vintage flour sack
sandals- Antonio Melani via Dillards
rings: thrifted, gifted, and eBay

This is a completely awesome ring Mom won on eBay a while back! It came in a bag of miscellaneous jewelry, but she really got it for this ring.


PS: There are no upright pictures of the front of my dress because it makes me look pregnant and I don't want any rumors spreading... yikes!


  1. I LOVE your vintage flour sack dress. It's loose but fits you so well, I would love to have it at my disposal for the hottest summer day.

  2. Adorable. If it poofs too much, try looking at the tutorials on American Apparel for the le sac dress. Very similar in shape and definitely good for tips. I suggest belting.

    That said, you can pull it off since you're tiinnyyy. You look awesome :)

  3. Great dress! Love it. Especially because of where it came from.

  4. Great story, great dress! Perfect for a summer day.


  5. Precious dress - the setting fits it perfectly. And that ring is AWESOME. I've so been wanting a knuckle ring like that.

  6. That dress is adorable and that ring is fabulous!