May 13, 2011

Florals Combo

Behold, days 5 and 6 of florals...

dress- remade from my cousin's old dress
sandals- BCBG outlet (aka a gold mine)
jewelry- thrifted

This is actually my cousin, Misty's dress from the mid 90s. Because my MawMaw, like my Mom, keeps everything, I get to benefit from her inner hoarder and score some really cute stuff! I don't even remember what the dress looked like before, all I remember is falling in love with the print! It is a gorgeous calico that you just can't find anymore. We kept the pintucks and made it the bodice (lined with my brother's old t-shirt sleeve, mind you) and moved some other fabric to make it a halter. I didn't want to use the fabric or a ribbon as a string, so I just slip in an old necklace instead! I feel like it makes it more borderline grandma but still cool. The back was also too loose (helloooooo nip slip) when Mom "finished" the dress, so we just put a few pleats around the zipper to pull it in tighter.  Simple, comfortable, and the most flattering neckline ever because it shows off my hizott collarbone. If only it was racerback...

I am counting this next outfit as day 6, but I really wore it the 2nd half of day 5. Sue me. Really, don't... I got nothin'.

tank & belt- Gap
cardigan- Kirra @ PacSun
skirt- cut off thrifted ugliness
sandals- Nine West

This skirt is the most awesome weight of flannel! It was over 90 degrees and I was still cool because it breathes. Excellent.


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  1. That second outfit is perfection. I love the red and yellow combo and it looks so effortless.