April 20, 2011

Ties Squared

Comments from my students on this outfit:
"Are you a butler?"
"Is that a bow tie?" (That one's a winner)
"Can I get a martini?" (Okay, that one was a classmate.)

oxford- Gap
skirt- thrifted, hemmed from a super awkward gross length
bow tie- thrifted
pumps- Liz Claiborne
belt- from a F21 dress

Remember my friend DJ from this post and this post? Well, I hate to disappoint you, but he's back again. I know, I know, you really just wanted to see more pictures of me, but alas, here he is. The first thing I said to him the day I took these wasn't "Hello" or "Yo, Howard, wudup?", but "You know I'm taking pictures of you, right?"  He's pretty much asking for it wearing a, wait for it, THRIFTED skinny tie, skinny Levi's chinos, a wrinkled oxford, and black hi-tops. I mean, come on!

When all he would do is stand there (see 1st photo) and I complained and told him to dance around a little like I do, that didn't go over so well. Instead, he did what his bff-the-model does... pretended to throw stuff. Good, right? In fact, I liked that idea so much that I decided to try it out too!

My new trademark pose, obviously.


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