April 30, 2011

I Have A Case of the Yellows

dress- Express (approx 3 years ago)
heels- Ralph Lauren
jewelry- gifted (mood ring was thrifted)

Last night I went to a fundraiser for Heritage Ranch and this... is what I wore. Cocktail party with food (that I didn't eat), drinks (that I didn't drink), and a sweet jazz band (that I loved)! PLUS I was less than 6 feet from the legit auctioneer as he was spitting crazily working the crowd. It has always been a secret dream of mine to go to auctioneer school. And no, I'm not kidding. Can you talk that fast?

Let me tell you about my day today...
Remember that episode of Full House when DJ stayed up all night studying for the SATs and then woke up late and forgot everything and her #4 pencil? Imagine that situation, only a little bit milder. I had to drive to the ghe.t.to. and take two of my teaching certification tests. At 7am. Where I knew no one. And cell phones weren't allowed, even off. And I felt like poo (yes, poo). And there was no soap in the bathroom. And I was stuck in the same classroom for 5.5 hours. And the test website said that a calculator was not permitted in my 2nd test, but it was. So I had to do the middle school math stuff calculator-less. And two of my former teachers were in my 2nd test (awk). But this is real life, people!

Evaluation of the tests: I'm glad I learned so much from watching Gilmore Girls because that got me through at least half of the test. That, and seeing Little Women over a dozen times!

I tried to make a gif with these last pictures, but I got frustrated and cranky because I couldn't get it to work! Imagine your scroll button is a flipbook.


PS: How do you feel about the larger pictures?

PPS: This is one of those I'm-keeping-this-until-I'm-pregnant dresses. So... a very long time.


  1. I love yellow clothes! Did the queen mother inspire this color choice? :)

  2. that dress is so beautiful! and you look stunning in it! Hopefully you did well on your tests, I hate when days go like that!

  3. hahah i think that's a perfect preggers/i just ate a large lunch sort of dress! i'm not sure what's more hysterical, imaging what the animated gif would look like, or me scrolling up and down the post really fast to try and imagine it.

  4. I absolutely love the shoes, they are perfect with the dress

  5. This would work very well as a pregnant dress. At least while you are sporting a smaller bump!

  6. Well, I feel the need to comment on nearly everything in this post.

    1. I love your dress. Does it have pockets?? It's so cute! As usual, I'm going to tell you to go ahead and ship this my way.
    2. Full House. is. my. life. For real though, I remember that episode, and I used to think about it every time I had to take any major standardized test! 2 words: Clown College.
    3. Little Women is one of my most favorite movies everrrr. EVER.
    4. I like the big pictures.
    5. I recently gave away one of my "I'm saving till I'm pregnant" shirts. I already regret it. Hahhaa.

    Sorry I felt the need to bombard you with responses hahah.

    <3 The Daily Dani

  7. I was thinking the same thing - that would make a good maternity dress someday! But for now it makes a good dress dress :) And whhhyy didn't you drink the drinks lady!? Haha ;) I like the larger pictures :)