April 9, 2011


May I have your attention puh-leez?

Ahem, ahem, ahem.

May I have your attention puh-leez?
(said in my most official teacher voice)

I have been featured as Modest Fashion pick from this post a couple of days ago. Head on over to Victoria's blog to see the post here and here!


PS: You should know that my blog isn't intentionally about "being modest" because, well, modesty is relative. Some people, even close friends that I have grown up with, may not see my attire as generally modest because I wear tank tops, shorts, and I am perfectly fine showing my knees in skirts and wearing skinny jeans. However, I do pride myself in keeping myself covered (according to me, mind you). So if someone wants to use me as a model of modesty, I'm ALL for it!


  1. That is how I got here! Through Victoria's post! I love your blog. :)

  2. hehe. well what it is, is to show that there is modesty on blogs in general (even if the person doesn't generally dress modestly). So your outfit was very modest and quite lovely. I'm glad you enjoyed the feature!!