April 8, 2011


Block week teaching is officially OVER!!! I'm freeeeee! Well, almost free. Want to hear a funny thing that happened today? We were playing "Who is the real author?" to keep the kids busy during our little party and after a few plays, one kid stood up and said, "Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?" My teaching partners and I were thinking it the whole game, but for a FOURTH GRADER to know that... he was already my favorite, but he is miles above the other kids now just for that!

Breakdown: (outfit last seen here)
blouse- Stein Mart
skirt- thrifted
belt- Gap
heels- Bandolino via TJ Maxx

So I've worn this outfit before. But only for pictures. For a project. For my neice. That doesn't count, right? Right.



  1. This outfit is lovely..you have beautiful pictures! Take a look at my blog: http://ciocolataneagra.blogspot.com

  2. All of your outfits are very southern girl chic.. I love it!!

  3. Love this outfit!! I agree with Srah very Southern Girl Chic.

  4. Sarah, This is so gorgeous, found you via chicopia and love the vintage vibe of this outfit xxx